We are Makers. 

We are artists and entrepreneurs and families—all at the same time. We are driven by joy to make beautiful things which create new value in the world and make it a better place. 

We are hardworking dreamers, tinkerers, side-hustlers, leap-takers, job creators and empire builders, who are building the future with our own hands. We work ourselves to our limits and find support in our community of makers.

We express, test and rework our ideas, and our recycle bins are filled with art. We embrace technologies both old and new, but we understand their limits. We believe handmade will always be relevant to human experience.

We love fresh, locally grown design, (as well as food). We believe shopping should be an experience of discovery, and not just a click. Our art and our business is to create human connections in the real world.

This journal is created by makers to tell our stories, to build each other up, and to share our lives with you. It is a view from inside of a movement.

Makers Journal was created by Rusty and Ingrid Kinnunen, of Rusty and Ingrid Creative Company of Rockport, Massachusetts to celebrate the community of creative entrepreneurs in New England and beyond.